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Margaret Chamblee Shares 10 Ways To Increase Your Sales Today

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There can be many perks working in the sales industry, including the idea that the amount of effort and performance you put in as a salesperson directly impacts your earning potential.

Margaret Chamblee, a licensed pharmacist with extensive direct sales experience, shares 10 tips you can use to help increase your sales and raise your individual earning potential and your employer’s. 

Define your mission.

In order to sell successfully, one needs to understand the niche you are working in fully. Ask yourself what is your business about, what does it do best, and who needs what you have to offer? Once you have determined these answers, it will give you a better picture of who you need to get in front of and how to approach them.

Identify specific goals to meet your mission.

Understand what parts of the sales process are in your control; this includes calls per day, proposals generated per month, or referrals. From these processes, set goals you would like to achieve and make sure to track them. Goals can include monthly sales goals, size of sales, or profit margins. Making goals tangible makes it easier to track your progress.

Focus on customer needs.

It can be safe to assume that most potential customers will only purchase what they need. Find out what customers are looking for in your niche and tailor your approach to solve them. Common themes include cost reduction, durability, value, or comfort.

Create positive attention.

What ways can you build a reliable name and bring positive attention to yourself and the brand you represent? Being diligent in follow-through or taking that extra level of care in customer service are ways to break apart from the crowd. 

Make selling have a purpose.

It is essential to have confidence throughout the entire sales process. Make sure you comfortable with your market, know what your message is, what questions to ask, and why you are asking them, how to present a proposal, and how to ask for a commitment.

Present the question, listen, and respond.

Customers are more willing to commit to a sale if you are successful in making them feel like their needs and wants are heard and acting in response. Ask strategic questions, listen to what they have to say, and take action based upon what they have to say.

Be responsible and humble.

Sales is often a team sport. Be responsible and work with your team to support in any areas that need it. Give credit to members where it is due and take responsibility when things don’t turn out as planned.

Find room for improvement.

Take time to identify weaknesses in your processes. Ask yourself what parts of the sales process you dislike and focus on finding new ways to accomplish them. 

Attitude is key.

Attitude controls how you approach each sales opportunity. Identify which thoughts hold you back in presentations and which ones bring positive results. If you think a deal will fail from the beginning, it most likely will.

Prioritize your time.

Finally, it’s key to understand which tasks need the most amount of time versus the least to accomplish your goals. Make sure you structure your time accordingly each day to help achieve the goals you set.

About Margaret Chamblee

Margaret Chamblee is a licensed pharmacist, experienced manager, and marketing and sales representative with a track record of managing three successful companies over the last two decades. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from The University of Texas at Austin. After graduating, Ms. Chamblee spent eight years working as Senior SalesRepresentative at Eli Lilly and Company in Houston, Texas. She was a passionate mentor and a consistent high achiever, reaping multiple awards, including Rookie of the Year, President’s Council, and Top Performer Awards.

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