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    Margaret Chamblee is a licensed pharmacist, experienced marketing and sales professional, and an accomplished executive recognized for the development and growth of three successful companies over the last two decades. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, where she served as student body president and was the recipient of several honors. After graduating, Mrs. Chamblee spent eight years working as a Senior Sales Representative for Eli Lilly and Company in Houston, Texas. She was a passionate mentor and a consistent high achiever, reaping multiple awards, including Rookie of the Year, President’s Council, and five Top Performer Awards.


    In 2000, Margaret and her husband founded GeriMedical Inc. in Houston, Texas, followed by MedStorz and Bright Billing Solutions. Her clinical proficiency, expertise in orthopedic products, and patient-focused collaboration with other healthcare professionals significantly contributes to the success of these companies. In addition to her engaging disposition, Margaret is exceptionally focused on ensuring optimal patient care, and over the last 20 years has touched tens of thousands of lives.


    Margaret is a commendable wife and mother of three, balancing personal life with her highly dynamic career. She is purposeful, energetic, articulate, and fosters an impressive work ethic. Her accomplishments both personally and professionally are a true testament to her resiliency, perseverance, and ability to multitask and remain resolute.

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    Direct Sales



    Orthotics Expert

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    Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

    The University of Texas at Austin

    Registered Pharmacist​

    Texas License #35454

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